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Top 12 Instagram Widgets You Should Try Today

Encouraging your website visitors to visit your Instagram page is one of the best ways to get more Instagram followers.

Apart from the followers, your social media links on your website or blog also help in improving your ranking in search results.

But unlike platforms like Facebook and Pinterest, there is no widget from Instagram that you can use on your website, e-commerce store or blog.

However, the API of Instagram is one of the most powerful and can be used for extracting images from Instagram’s database.

To make things easier, there are now Instagram widgets that you can add to your website or blog to encourage people to visit your Instagram page and probably follow you.

While there are now many different types of Instagram widgets, most of them provide a snapshot of your Instagram page where your website visitors can see your followers count, posts, and more.

This helps in improving your social credibility and is one of the best ways to get more Instagram followers.

So, what are the best Instagram widgets that you should try? Let us have a look-


If you have a WordPress website and want to give your website visitors a snapshot of your Instagram posts, the Instagram Feed Plugin from spotlightwp is one of the best with over 50,000+ downloads.


The tool allows you to include your photos from your Instagram page without any image descriptions or distracting widgeted box.

It is a simple tool that offers a few different layouts which you can select to show some of your top Instagram posts.

It also allows you to include a lightbox, slider, and standard gallery layout. While the basic version of the tool provides the above-mentioned features, there is also a premium version of this tool.

With the premium version, you get more control options, more layouts, animations, and also show the comments and likes received on the photos.

Instagram Feed Gallery from Quadlayers

If you want to display your Instagram videos and pictures on your website for free, Instagram Feed Gallery too is a great option.


The tool allows you to customize and offers a host of options to help you create a unique widget box for displaying your Instagram posts.

Once you’re done customizing you’ll have an Instagram widget box on your website. With Premium you can get many customize options to make your website more attractive

It allows you to Instagram photos on your website with ease. Just like the plugin from Spotlight , Instagram Feed Gallery is also available in a premium version starts from just $49 per website.

The premium version of the tool provides access to a lightbox popup, responsive design, CSS customization, professional customer support, and display as many images.


If you’ve never used an Instagram widget in the past and are looking for a simple tool for adding Instagram pictures to your website, go with InstaWidget.


This free widget allows you to add a snapshot of your Instagram page on your website from where people can follow you on Instagram.

If your website revolves around a particular topic or business, you can also have a widget box displaying related hashtags and posts from Instagram.

For instance, if you have a travel blog, you can use a hashtag like “#wanderlust” and top photos on Instagram with this hashtag in it will be displayed on your blog.

The tool is very easy to use and is completely free.


If you want to add widgets of multiple social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, SnapWidget is the way to go.


The tool is already used by more than 180,000 websites and is a great way to display your social images and videos on your website.

It offers a host of display options like Instagram Popup, Instagram Grid, Facebook Grid, Twitter Slideshow, and more that are available for free.

You can also be a premium member to get access to several other layouts.

Moreover, with the premium version, you can also add hashtags to your website. This will grab top images related to the selected hashtag to your website.

The tool is available across many different pricing plans which come with a free 14-day trial.

WP Zoom Instagram Widget

WP Zoom Instagram Widget is also very popular for adding your latest Instagram photos to your website to get more Instagram likes and followers.


The widget is easy to use and comes with a host of customization options to help you display your Instagram images in the best way possible.

You can also add a description for this widget box and provide more information about the pictures to your website visitors.

The visitors can click on these pictures to get redirected to your Instagram page. The widget is regularly updated and is free.


It is a feed plugin for Instagram for publishing photographs from the IG platform on your site. It helps integrate Instagram photos automatically with a WordPress website. It lets you add a mix of videos and photos in one post.


You can also display your images along with tagged locations or hashtags. All you have to do is just install the widget and activate it. You can then go to its settings page and log in to the desired Instagram account.

Once it is done, you can begin publishing Instagram photos. You also get an option to make your media library.

Feed Them Social

It is another WordPress widget that lets businesses embed their IG feed on their sites flawlessly. With simple-to-use settings, it is easy to customize the display, like the number of styles, posts, and layouts.


Feed Them Social is a versatile tool for all types of businesses with a solid social media presence as it supports various social media platforms across multiple channels.

This plugin offers intuitive controls, responsive designs, and compatibility with famous WordPress themes, guarantying a smooth, seamless integration process.

It lets you generate short code easily to configure your feed type, fixed height, and gallery width, and the total number of images to show.


It is a popular feature-rich widget tool which supports Instagram and many other platforms. This widget lets you display and aggregate Instagram content flawlessly on your site.


With superior moderation features, you could maintain control over content displayed in the Instagram widget. provides customizable widget designs, content scheduling, and filtering options.

The tool also offer analytics to gain insights and track engagement in the behavior of your audience. It is an excellent plugin to enrich your website with social proof. Managing your feeds is like a breeze with

Simple Social Icons

Developed by StudioPress, Simple Social Icons is a brilliant WordPress IG feed plugin. It is available for free. It lets you display your icons on the sidebar of your page.


With the free WordPress plugin for Instagram, you can configure different elements from the social profile URL and title to icon color and size. Rather than web fonts, this plugin utilizes scalable vector graphics to enhance accessibility.

But the plugin offers limited icon styles. It supports more than 30 digital and social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and more.


Juicer is a popular social media aggregator widget that lets you to make dynamic Instagram plugins for site. It not just supports Instagram but also social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and more.

juicer offers different widget styles and layouts, including carousels, grids, and lists. It also offers superior moderation features for filtering out undesirable content and keep the widget professional and curated.

If you are looking to jazz up your site with content, tends to be a fantastic option!

WP Social Ninja

It is an excellent one-stop solution to assist your brand or business engage with an extensive audience. With the WordPress social tool, the users can display user reviews, chat widgets, and social feeds on a site without hassle.


It offers simple installation steps and is very rich with various social media platform integrations. Once you activate this plugin, you can link various platforms with a few clicks.

The WordPress widget offers simple customization options to make your preferred designs, allowing users match the styles for the feed, social chats, and reviews section.


It is a versatile plugin that supports Instagram along with other platforms. EmbedSocial provides a simple, user-friendly interface for generating and customizing Instagram widgets flawlessly.


You can use EmbedSocial to showcase your Instagram stories, IGTV videos, and posts on your website directly. This tool also offers insightful analytics, enabling you to gauge your Instagram widget’s performance and accordingly optimize the social media strategy.

Get More Instagram Followers with Instagram Widgets

Most brands try to send more traffic to their website from Instagram. But the Instagram widgets follow an opposite approach.

They let you get more people to your Instagram page from your website to help increase your Instagram followers count.

As a lot of people might be reaching your website from other sources, using Instagram widget is a great way to improve your social credibility and get more followers.

Try the Instagram widgets discussed in this post today to better connect to your audience and increase trust among website visitors.


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