How To Clear Instagram Cache On Android And iPhone?

clear instagram cache

If you have noticed that your Instagram does not load stories or feeds, often stops updating, or crashes, it is time to clear the app’s cache. It will also help free your phone memory, especially important for phones with less memory.

If you spend over an hour daily on Instagram, your app can become slower and less responsive. A cache is one of the main reasons for this. So, let us find out how to clear the Instagram cache on Android and iPhone. But before that, let’s learn some vital things about Instagram cache.

What Is Instagram Cache?

Instagram cache is temporary data that Instagram stores on your device, whether iOS or Android, to speed up the loading speed of content and decrease the downloading need for data many times. The data can be stored on the hard drive or memory of the device. It can be used to accelerate the loading of frequently visited apps, websites, and files. The cache can collect over time and use a noteworthy amount of space on the device, hence slowing down the device’s performance.

When you use Instagram, your device will save information or data in the cache, like layout, text, or images. So, whenever you use Instagram again, your device will retrieve the saved information from the Instagram cache instead of downloading it again. This will speed up Instagram’s loading time.

Are Instagram Caches Important?

Instagram caches are essential as they speed up Instagram’s loading time and can enhance your device’s overall performance. The Instagram app uses caches to store information like text, layout, and images so that it can load faster whenever you visit the app again. But, when the caches become outdated or too large, it may slow down your app and may even lead to other problems.

So, it is good to clear the caches sometimes on Instagram. Clearing Instagram caches can improve its performance, free up storage space, and even fix issues with the app. It is a good idea to clear the Instagram cache when you experience problems with the app, like app crashing, error messages, or slow loading times.

Situations Where You Should Clear Instagram Cache

Clearing the Instagram cache may be important to fix problems or free up the device’s storage space. Below are some situations where you should clear the Instagram cache:

Storage Space Problems

Instagram stores information on your device, like profile information, videos, and photos. Clearing the Instagram cache will free up space if you have low storage. Clearing the cache won’t delete your photos or data.

Performance Issue

If your Instagram app is crashing often or running slow, clearing the Instagram cache can help resolve the problem. The Instagram cache stores temporary information that is used by the app to work smoothly. However, if it gets outdated or corrupted, it can lead to poor performance. If Instagram crashing does not stops still, you can read how to fix Instagram crashing here.

Posting Issue

If you are facing trouble posting videos or photos, clearing your Instagram cache can be helpful. It is because these caches store data that is used by the app to post videos or photos. Clearing the cache can fix the problem with the posting procedure.

Login Problem

If you have problems logging in, clearing the Instagram cache can resolve the problem. It is because the Instagram cache stores your login credentials which may interfere with your login process.

Clearing your Instagram cache won’t delete any data or your account. It will just delete the temporary information that your app uses to work flawlessly. If you are unsure about whether you should clear the cache or not, you may try to restart the device or app first, as this can help resolve particular issues.

How To Clear Instagram Cache From Android?

Clearing Instagram cache on Android is quite simple. You don’t even need to uninstall the app to clear Instagram cache on Android. Just follow the steps below to clear your cache on Instagram From Android:

  1. Open your Android device’s settings
  2. From Settings, find the “Apps” section
  3. Find out Instagram app
  4. Click on it
  5. You will then get two options (i) Clear Cache (ii) Clear Data.

With the Clear Data option, you will clear all Instagram data, including your login details. So, you will have to log in again to your Instagram account.

And with the Clear Cache option, you will be able to clear the locally stored cache data only.

How To Clear Cache on Instagram From iPhone?

A major issue with clearing the Instagram cache from your iPhone is that you cannot clear the cache without deleting the Instagram app. You can clear the cache from your iPhone by reinstalling the Instagram app only. You need to delete the app or offload it from your device. Below are the steps to clear the Instagram caches on iPhone.

  1. Go to your iPhone’s settings
  2. Click on General Settings
  3. You will find iPhone Storage
  4. In that section, you’ll get find every installed app. You can locate Instagram and delete it from your phone. This will delete every locally stored data
  5. You can then reinstall the IG app and use it again without problems

Whenever you think that your Instagram app is working slowly, you can follow the above steps after every few months. It will help clear the cache and boost the Instagram app’s performance.

On iPhone, you also get an “Offload the App” option. However, offloading will not clear the data of the app. Therefore, the best way to clear the Instagram cache on iPhone is to remove the Instagram app and reinstall it.

Is It Okay to Delete Instagram Cache?

Yes, deleting Instagram cache is completely fine as it helps enhance your device’s or app’s performance. Deleting or clearing the cache will free up your device’s storage space and may also fix some problems that you may be facing with the app. But, it is vital to note down that clearing the Instagram cache will remove your login credentials and other temporary information linked with the Instagram app. Therefore, you will need to reconfigure some settings or login again after clearing the Instagram cache.

Cache clearing is an effective and safe way to free up storage space and enhance the performance of a device. It is always good to make sure that you know what data/information will be deleted as well as how it can affect the app’s use before you proceed.

How Frequently Should I Clear Cache?

Clear the Instagram cache whenever you find that the space on your device is limited or the app is working slower than usual. How fast the Instagram cache fills up depends on your Instagram use. So, there is no specific answer to how frequently should you clear your cache.

Is Clearing Instagram Cache Necessary on Android and iPhone?

It isn’t necessary to clear the cache on Android or iPhone. Instagram cache plays a vital role as it can enhance your Instagram experience. So, once you load a post or photo on Instagram, your app will save it in the cache of the device. So, whenever you check out the same image or post again, the cache helps load those items promptly.

Instead of getting data from the server again, the app takes data from the cache on your Android or iPhone device. Thus, cache plays a vital role. But, with more use of Instagram, the cache increases on your device. Clearing the Instagram cache is a good idea to enhance the performance of your device. You should also note that once you remove the Instagram cache, it will take some time to load the stories or profiles of already visited users.

What Happens After Clearing Instagram Cache?

Once you clear the Instagram cache from your device, Instagram will start loading a bit slower initially. However, you won’t see the difference much. Any saved data that was corrupted will disappear and no cache-related bugs will appear.

Will Everything Be Lost If I Clear Instagram Cache?

Clearing your Instagram cache will not delete your Instagram account. Only cached data will be lost, which is a small amount of data only. The data is stored on the device. It is used to accelerate the loading procedure in the Instagram app. Clearing the cache won’t impact your IG profile. Thus, you will not lose videos, photos, stories, archived images, saved posts, or messages.


If you’re an active Instagram user, data from this app collects inevitably on your device often. So, you need to clear the Instagram cache repeatedly to accelerate the app. However, you do not need to go to extremes and delete data every week. It is good to clear as and when required. If your app crashes or becomes slower, you should clear the cache. Clearing the cache won’t delete your photos or personal information. It will just remove the temporary files stored on your device. Clearing cache can be an easy and quick solution to a slow-running app or a device having space issues.


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