How to Clear Instagram search History


Delete Instagram Search History on Android and IOS

The popularity of Instagram has been rapidly escalating since its beginning. With this platform consistently growing to be the best of its kind, it has successfully managed to garner the interest of billions of people all across the world.

Being one of the most popular social media platforms, Instagram boasts about more than 500 million active users. Not just Instagram followers, but the number of advertisers on this platform has even doubled up.

Accordingly, there are more than a million people who take advantages of the advertisement feature of Instagram. Right from mobile functionality to visual nature, uniqueness, features, user-friendliness, sassy marketplace, there is a gamut of aspects that make this platform different from others.

Who is Instagram for?

Owned by Mark Zuckerberg, who also happens to be the proprietor of Facebook, Instagram has several such features that resemble Facebook. Considering how Instagram is dominated by visual content, if your business deals in the same, this platform will be nothing less than a hub of customers for you.

If you are an image geek, well, searching and finding everything imaginable on Instagram is quite a fluid task. Accordingly, Instagram suits those businesses that deal in food, lifestyle, luxury brands, personalities, and fashion. You can share short videos, GIFs, and images on Instagram for branding purposes.

What is Instagram History?

From such ads that replicate websites you recently visited suggested searches mirroring the accounts you stalked, there are several ways through which this platform collects data. It keeps a tab on likes, Instagram comments, follows, location, hashtags, and more to provide a better experience.


With an intention to provide relevant suggestions to you, Instagram keeps a tab on the searches that you make on this platform. And, you can easily come across your search history in the search field. Although having history stored may help you return to whatever you were engrossed into, however, sometimes, you may even wish to clear everything out, right?

Considering how some searches can affect your privacy, it’s best to delete rather than experiencing a problem. Fortunately, this platform lets you delete whatever you’ve searched. Thus, you can simply clear away the search history of dubious hashtags, usernames, and keywords.

How to Delete Instagram Search History?

So, follow these below-mentioned steps and wipe away your history for good.

  • Open your Instagram app
  • Once you’ve logged into the app, tap on the Profile button located on the bottom right corner to access the primary page of the account
  • Now when you are on the profile, tap on the Gear Icon located at the upper right corner. It will take you to Options
  • Scroll towards the end of the interface and tap on Clear Search History option
  • The screen will then display a popup asking for the confirmation of the action
  • Tapping on the Yes, I’m sure button will clear your entire history instantly
  • You can recheck the same by returning to the Search Page of your app


Even though you have cleared off the Instagram history, there are some profiles that may still appear there. To get rid of it, hide profiles from the search section altogether.

How to Hide Profiles from Search History?

When it comes to removing or hiding search history from Instagram, this platform handles the process quite generously. Despite the fact that most of the people would like to have a clean history, this social media platform equipped the app with several other options.

With the help of one of the options, you can simply hide certain profiles from the search section. Not just for some time, but this option even lets you hide a profile permanently. In this way, you wouldn’t see those profiles that you don’t want on the top.

To do so, follow these simple steps:


  • Tap on the search option available on the top of your Instagram app.
  • And then, click on Top or People
  • Find that profile you would like to hide.
  • Keep your finger on that profile.
  • You will get an option to Hide.
  • Click on it, and it is done.

Your Data on Instagram

Even though you delete your search history, there’s still a lot that Instagram would know about you. Here is how you can find out:

  • Go to and choose your profile
  • Next, click on the gear available next to your name and select the option of Privacy and Security
  • Scroll down to the option of Data Download and click on Request Download
  • After that, enter your email ID and verify it by typing in your Instagram password

You will receive a zip file with different folders for stories, videos, and photos along with text files containing your settings, messages, searches, and profile within 48 hours.


Fighting all the odds, there is a good chance of your Instagram account comprising a lot of information. It might be fascinating how social media allows you to share almost everything, however, sometimes, sharing certain things might not be a wise idea.

For instance: if you are tagging your location in almost every update, locating your place and stalking you incessantly wouldn’t be a tough task for anyone. So, the recommendation is to delete certain things and not everything from your history.

To do so, follow these steps mentioned above and your task will be done.


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