Instagram Photo Dimensions and Sizes


Instagram Dimensions and Sizes: Everything You Should Know

In this visual age we currently live in, Instagram is one of the simplest of ways to share your photos and videos with the world.

When Instagram was founded in 2010, it was just a photo-sharing app which never really aimed to be the social behemoth that it is today.

From individual users to increasing number of brands promoting their products and services, Instagram is now one of the most popular social platforms.

From photos, videos, profile pictures, to stories, there are now many different types of visual content that you get to upload on Instagram.

But to make sure that all of your visual content looks amazing, it is very important to know the best sizes and dimensions you should use on Instagram.

From individual users wanting to upload selfies to brands trying to get Instagram followers, this information is crucial for one and all.

In this post, we’ll have a detailed look at the sizes and dimensions of all the different visual content you upload on Instagram.

 Instagram Sizes in 2023

Images and videos can be uploaded to Instagram in three different orientations-

  • Landscape (Horizontal)
  • Portrait (Vertical)
  • Square

The availability of three orientations allow improved versatility and enables you to upload content that looks amazing. However, it is very important for you to understand the limitations of these orientations to get the desired results.

  1. Landscape Videos and Photos

As per a post on BrandWatch, more than 85 million photos are shared on Instagram on a daily basis.

Apart from making sure that your photos are interesting, another way to ensure that your photos get maximum number of Instagram comments and likes is to understand the different orientations, sizes, and dimensions.

For landscape or horizontal images, we tried uploading a 1920 x 1080 image. Instagram displayed this image at 600 x 337. However, 1080 x 607 version of the image was stored by the platform.

So, it turns out that irrespective of the size of the image one uploads, Instagram resizes it to 1080px width and displays the version with a 600px width.

Similarly, landscape or horizontal videos too have a 600 x 336.5 display size which is pretty close to the standard 16:9 ratio used on television and movies.

  1. Portrait Videos and Photos

If you want to upload portrait or vertical images, they will be displayed at 480 x 600 resolution. But Instagram stores them at 1080 x 1350 on their servers.

Most professional Instagram users avoid using vertical videos as Instagram displays them at 481 x 599.484 resolution. This means that vertical videos cannot be further divided into other fractions.

  1. Square Videos and Photos

The square images are the most popular on Instagram and are shown at 600 x 600 pixels.

While the sizes and dimensions of other orientations have changed multiple times in the past years, the same for square images have been the same since Instagram was first launched.

While Instagram stores square image versions as high as 1080 x 1080px, the images are still displayed in 600 x 600px.

To make sure that your square images look great, create them in at least 1080 x 1080px as you’d be able to reuse them on other social platforms.

Moreover, with modern devices having higher pixel density, your pictures would also be future-proofed.

The size and dimension for square video are the same as square images.

As per a BufferApp research, square videos are more successful as compared to other video sizes on not just Instagram but all the other popular platforms as well.


Instagram Profile Pictures Size

It is through your profile picture that users recognize you and decide whether or not to follow you.

So, if you’re looking to get more followers, it is very important to choose a profile picture very carefully.

You can get the best results if you use a square image in 160 x 160px. If you want to go low, do not go below 110 x 110px.

Note that Instagram will also crop the photo in order to fit it inside a circle. So, select the picture accordingly.

Instagram Stories Size

As per a post on CNN, more than 400 million people now use Instagram stories.

These are videos and photos that only last for up to 24-hours. However, there are ways to download Instagram stories.

While there are best dimensions for images and videos that you generally upload on Instagram, nothing as such exists for Instagram stories.

This is because the resolution of stories relies on the devices used for viewing them.

However, most of the users prefer portrait ratio of 9:16 which is landscape images of videos that have been rotated 90 degrees.

In terms of pixels, this means 1080 x 1920px. Keep some whitespaces close to the edges and your stories would look amazing.

A lot of people also use the traditional square orientation and you too can use the same if you don’t want to get into a lot of editing troubles.


It is great that Instagram now offers multiple options in terms of orientation, sizes and dimensions of the visual content users choose to upload.

If your aim is to get more Instagram likes and comments, keep the above-mentioned information in mind when uploading content and you are sure to get amazing results.

Rather than sticking to a single orientation or dimension, keep changing things a bit every now and then to offer something new and unique to your followers.


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