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Best 25 Websites to View Private Instagram

When it comes to social media platforms and accounts, privacy has become an important element. With the wide use of the Internet, everyone wants to protect their personal information and online activities. Hence, more and more people make their Instagram accounts private.

It is why more people are looking for Private Instagram viewer apps to look at profiles they do not have access to. Private Instagram viewers are designed to give a peek into the concealed world.

In this blog, let us delve into the Private Instagram Viewers realm, exploring the top 25 private Instagram Viewers. But before that, let us find out what Private Instagram viewers are and what they are used for.

What Are Private Instagram Viewers?

Instagram is one of the highest used social media apps at present. Its audience engagement, ease of use, convenience, privacy policy, and outstanding features make it an excellent option for people who want to network with family, friends, and others. They enable sharing of videos, photos, stories, feeds, and more. Based on the account type, people can check anyone’s account details.

Private Instagram accounts permit viewing the account owner’s account profile picture, bio, and user name only. With a public account, you can view everything, like photos, videos, and stories along with a username, bio, and profile photo. With private accounts, users choose who can access and view their photos and videos. It is a great way for people looking to maintain their privacy.

You may wish to look for a private account on Instagram for different reasons. It may be to stalk your ex, track your child’s activities, or just view the photos, videos, or posts of someone. It is where a private viewer can help.  Private Instagram viewers let you view a private account’s information without getting noticed by owners or sending follow-up requests.

What Features Private Instagram Viewers Have?

Using private Instagram viewers can be a great option. But, that does not mean that you choose the first viewer that you find. Not every viewer is outstanding, however, So, below are the key features that the best private Instagram viewers should have:

Ease of Use

Nobody has the time to use a complex tool. That is why it is vital to search for private Instagram viewers that are simple to use. Using it should be straightforward and all you need must be simple to find.


The goal of private viewers is to give you secure and safe access to content. For this, you need to select the best tool based on security features. You should make sure that it does not share or store any personal information.

User Reviews

Find a viewer that comes with positive user reviews. It will offer an idea about the reliability and effectiveness of the tool. You should go with a tool that has 4 star rating at least.

Customer Support

Customer support is vital even for tech experts and experienced Instagram viewer users. Choose a viewer that provides guides and tutorials to get you started.

Top 25 Private Instagram Viewers without verification


If you are thinking how to see a Private Instagram Account, Gwaa is the best answer. As the top app in this list, Gwaa sends ripples in the domain of private Instagram viewers. Gwaa offers a flawless view of a private Instagram profile, boasting a beginner-friendly interface that simplifies the whole process. With prompt access to private Instagram profiles, users can satisfy their curiosity quickly.

Moreover, Gwaa prides itself on guaranteeing private and secure browsing for all its users. Whether you want to view private Instagram videos, photos, or stories, you can do everything with this stalker tool. Characterized by its unambiguous and straightforward approach, Gwaa facilitates quick access to Instagram private profiles.


Instaviews is an esteemed website that offers you complete access to private Instagram accounts without full credibility. It is an authentic tool to use for parental control. The security, secrecy, and privacy of clients are their utmost priority. Except for its welcoming interface, Instaviews differentiates itself with its quick performance, guaranteeing users a gratifying viewing and flawless experience without disruption.


EyeZy differentiates itself with its expedient and streamlined setup process. This feature of EyeZy enhances its usability and appeal significantly across a wide range of users. Its accessibility feature makes it stand out, especially for people who do not have a tech background or who want a hassle-free experience. With this tool, you not just can access a private Instagram profile in general, but you can also see their chats, including secret messages. You can see all the sent and received messages with this tool.


Those who are new in the private Instagram viewers realm will especially find Glassagram to be a great option. It offers a highly user-friendly and intuitive interface. It is thus an outstanding option for those looking for an accessible and uncomplicated way to view a private Instagram profile.

You can view and track all the information you want like DMs, private media, and download Instagram stories of private Instagram accounts. It has a simple installation process. This app not only focuses on viewing and tracking Instagram activities but extends its vital features to monitoring GPS locations and phone calls. It also can restrict harmful content and block unwanted users.


xMobi is a perfect app for accessing media content anonymously from private Instagram accounts. It prioritizes discretion and comes with an innovative feature that lets you check hidden videos and photos. You can scout the user interface of xMobi easily and learn how to look at Instagram private profiles without getting detected.

With this tool, you can seamlessly explore content without the fear of revealing your identity or compromising your digital presence. This app’s pricing accommodates both premium and free users, ensuring choice and flexibility. Overall, xMobi is a helpful tool for people looking to explore private content on Instagram securely and discreetly.


If time is important for you, Instalooker can be an optimal app for you. It lets users monitor accounts on Instagram without any hurdles. Instalooker’s flexible nature allows users to request newer features, ensuring user-centric services. Another vital feature of the app is its user-friendly and nice-looking interface. You do not even need to worry about malware or viruses when using this service.


This excellent Instagram viewer private tool lets parents track their children’s actions. This app can them who the kids are talking with, their call logs, and their present locations, and show the content that they share in posts or conversations.

mSpy makes it simple to keep a tab on their kid’s endeavors and make sure that they are safe always. When you use mSpy to track your children’s activities on Instagram, they will not come to know that you are checking them. This great app does not have a human verification process or a survey to complete.


It is one of the top apps to use to check private Instagram accounts based on its accessible, simple service. It is an excellent tool for parents looking to check their kid’s private Instagram profiles to make sure that they are not chatting with dangerous people or involved in suspicious activities. The best thing about this app is that you get complete information updated in just 5 minutes.


PrivateInsta offers an excellent way to access private Instagram profiles without following the targeted account. This private viewer eliminates the need for installation and download, making it highly convenient for users who want quick access. It has garnered fame because of its user-friendliness.


When it comes to simplicity, nothing can beat PrivatePhotoViewer. Despite its simplicity, its features offer it an edge over its competitors. Other than being an outstanding private Instagram viewer, PrivatePhotoViewer is a great Instagram story downloader too.

For novices, it offers clear instructions on getting started. If you ever find yourself stuck somewhere, its immense information can help you get out. The story downloader allows you to download Instagram audio and stories easily from both public and private accounts. One of its exclusive features is that PrivatePhotoViewer supports multiple languages.


Whether you are an experienced or a beginner Instagram account examiner, this tool is an ideal private Instagram viewer. Recognized for versatility, Inflact is packed with special features for all your viewing needs on Instagram. It is simple to use and lets you monitor Instagram accounts even if you do not have one. All this can be done without installing software. Another vital benefit of using Inflact is that you can view many Instagram accounts with this software.


Whether you are a business professional performing market research or an individual looking to see private accounts on Instagram out of curiosity, Instagrab offers the insights you require. One of the key benefits of using this app is its intuitive and user-friendly interface.

It employs cutting-edge technology and advanced algorithms to ensure sure and seamless access to private accounts. It lets users view private Instagram accounts without notifying the account owners or leaving a trace. This feature guarantees that your action remains confidential and discreet. You can download Highlights and stories from the target IG profiles.

Like Creeper

Like Creeper is a trustworthy option for users looking to pry on something specific, such as videos and photos of any Private Instagram profile. Other than anonymously viewing the content, it helps extract complete information about the target account. This well-designed platform is free to use. Like Creeper does not require approval or permission from the owner to view their private information.


This new, innovative private Instagram viewer is one of the best in the market. InstaPrivateViewer lets you view private Instagram profiles without completing verifications or following them. You can view people’s videos and photos from private accounts without even logging in to an Instagram account. With this tool, you get an excellent user experience.


Even if a profile or account is private, WatchInsta lets you view stories or posts anonymously. It is an excellent free alternative to other private viewers. It is an efficient and private Instagram viewer without a survey. You can export any extracted information through a zip file. This will save your storage space and time. It offers updates automatically and undergoes testing and development regularly to work smoothly.

KidsGuard Pro

For years, this tool has ruled the industry due to its secure and discreet nature. It can bypass the default settings of Instagram by showing its posts, which means that you can view and download full-size private photos, stories, and feeds. It is an excellent option for those looking to keep a watch on their kids. With KidsGuard Pro, you can ensure that they stay safe. The best thing is this, it is available for free.


IGLookup is the tool you need to get access to Instagram’s private profiles. It is well-known for its user-friendly interface and advanced features. You can search for particular profiles and gain immediate access without hassles. It also saves efforts and time by eliminating the requirement for following lengthy processes or manual requests to view private Instagram content. With a few clicks only, you will unlock the Instagram content you want within seconds.

Ig Magnify

It is another revolutionary service that lets users view their family and friends’ posts privately. View the Instagram accounts of your family or friends using this technology from your home or office comfort. It is not just secure, but it also offers many added features intended to make Instagram post viewing even simpler. Users, for example, can set up notifications, so that they come to know when their friends post new content. Moreover, they can download posts to personal devices to view at a later time.


It is another free Private Instagram viewer. With this service, you do not need to fill out any survey to prove that you aren’t a bot and are a human. Using their user-friendly interface, you get to watch private Instagram profiles on your desktop or mobile device. They also let you download the preferred content from the targeted profiles without letting them know or following them.


It is a powerful viewer app having various options. Anyone can use it, including partners suspicious or curious about their dear one’s honesty or parents who wish to keep track of their child’s activities. It can show you all the activities of a private Instagram account, including shared photos, videos, links, and conversations.

It can also show you when an emoji, GIF, video, or screenshot on a target profile was created or shared. Spyzie also lets you control or limit some functionalities of the target phone, including setting geofence boundaries and restricting websites.


It is the best application to view private Instagram accounts secretly without getting approval or requiring permission from the owner. It is intended to bypass these processes to get access to private IG accounts without following them necessarily. To use this app, you should first download this viewer on your device. You can then input the username, confirm, and click on the “View Profile” button. You can then view the content of the account.


It is a great private Instagram viewer app that is created to monitor and track kids’ Instagram activities without invading their privacy. It even allows you to access every photo from the Instagram app of your kids installed on their tablets or cell phones. XNSPY is the best app to take periodic screenshots when your children use Instagram. Using this app, you can retrieve IG messages that were deleted by the targeted device.


If you’re suspicious about the online activities of your kids, SpyBubble can offer you the ideal ways to monitor them. With an undetectable mode, this app can view all the Instagram activities. It synchronizes the activities on Instagram every five minutes without fail. It has been there for quite some time now and is trusted by hundreds and thousands of users.


Another big name in the private Instagram viewers world is Cocospy. It offers excellent features to view any private Instagram profile. With its amazing user interface and revolutionary designs, it attracts millions of users. It does what it is made to do very well. This app offers an excellent set of features, is reasonably priced, and is discreet.

Insta Stalker

Last on our list is Insta Stalker. You can view a private Instagram profile on any operating system or device with this too. You just need to enter the username of the target Instagram account on its page and it will begin scanning. It is designed with a friendly user interface which makes it simple for anybody, irrespective of their tech expertise to use and navigate it efficiently. It is the best Instagram stalker available online.


Viewing a private Instagram profile is simple with the private Instagram viewer apps mentioned above. These apps can offer you the information you need to learn about the target account owner and find out how they are progressing. According to me Gwaa and Instaviews are the best two Instagram viewer apps. They are widely popular because of their features. So, I recommend using them if you wish to view anyone’s private Instagram account.


What Are Private Instagram Viewers?

Private Instagram Viewers are software or services that help you view a private Instagram profile. You can use a private Instagram viewer to view a private profile without asking for permission or following them.

Why do individuals make their profiles on Instagram private?

People generally make their Instagram profile private to have complete control over who can view their posts and stories. It often includes information or photos that users may not wish strangers to access. Influencers and businesses don’t use private accounts usually as they aim to reach more audience.

Is Using Private Instagram Viewers Ethical?

When it comes to ethics, using private Instagram viewers is debatable and subjective. While some people argue that it is insensitive to pry into somebody’s digital life without consent, other people may find it justifiable due to reasons like ensuring a dear one’s safety or parental control.

Is there any risk associated with a private Instagram viewer?

Using a private Instagram viewer can potentially result in your Instagram account being banned, flagged, or suspended by Instagram. In addition, a few tools can expose you to malicious software or scams. So, research well and move forward with caution before you use such tools.

Does using Private Instagram Viewers violate laws?

No, using these viewers does not violate any regulations or laws. Thanks to some bugs and glitches in the IG system, now you can view the private Instagram accounts and their stories, videos, and photos legitimately.

Can I download Videos and Photos Using Private Instagram Viewers?

Some private Instagram viewers offer the service to download videos and photos. However, this can violate the terms of service of Instagram. It is vital to use such tools responsibly and download only the content that you have permission to.

Do all private Instagram viewers work?

Selecting any private IG viewer needs lots of attention. Such websites and apps do not deliver on their promise always. Many fake ones intend to get your credit card and personal information. So, you should cautiously select a private Instagram viewer that is well-reviewed and well-rated to ensure that it works well.


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