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Whether you are simply an individual who is using Instagram as an online platform for self-promotion or a company looking forward to marketing your brand online effectively- getting Free Followers on Instagram is always an ordeal.


On the other hand, if you are new to the platform, it becomes an even harder task to gain a population base online.

Therefore, in order to set a tough competition for the existing companies who, let’s say, might already have had years of experience in maintaining a good online domain of thousands of followers, you need to be both smart and practical. What if there were a shortcut for the same? Well, you have turned up to the correct place for the same.


If you’re looking for Free Instagram Followers or instant Instagram likes, GWAA is the best and easiest option. Not only do you receive your followers in real time but also they are of high quality. For every minute of your valuable time that you spend here, you get awarded accordingly in the form of Instagram followers.

How to get Free Instagram Followers

Get Free Followers in Just 3 steps

Why Gwaa?

24 x 7 Customer Support offered by GWAA

It is a top priority for GWAA to provide its customers with satisfaction and a 24 x 7 tech support.


Our efficient executive team is always ready to answer your queries or questions. For sending in your queries, you need to click the ‘Contact’ button on our Home page and message your questions along with your details.


We will get to your questions within a few hours at most.

Genuine and high-quality followers and likes

We, at GWAA, promise you real looking followers and likes on Instagram without fail. Of these followers, some might be regularly active while the rest, less active.


There are several companies online who might ship you “ghost followers” in the name of real followers.


However, for us, our customer’s satisfaction is of prime concern and therefore, you don’t need to be worried about the quality or aesthetic of your Instagram profile being hampered through our service. Plus, if there is anything you don’t like, we are just a mail away.

Hassle free procedure and easy to use website

For us, the convenience of using our website is also taken into consideration.


There are a number of online sites that might offer free likes or followers, but are very complicated and not user-friendly. In fact, as an exploring customer online, there are high chances of you becoming clueless or deviated.


With us, you can explore through each available option on our page with ease. Plus, there isn’t tons of information that we ask of you while filling up the form- all we need is your user name and email id. So, GWAA is both hassle-free and easy.

  • Step 1 -> Starting with GWAA

    There are the following two ways in which you can get started:


    1. Click on ‘Get 100 Free Instagram Followers’ on the lower left side of the GWAA Home page.


    2. Click on ‘Free Instagram Followers’ beside the ‘Home’ button on the upper toolbar of the GWAA Home page.


    You are redirected from the Home page to another page.

  • Step 2 -> Signing up the form for free trial

    The new page to which you are redirected contains a form that needs to be filled in. This is the ‘Free Trial’ form.


    1. All you need to do now is fill up the form that asks you for a few basic details. This step hardly takes you half a minute.


    The two details that are basically asked by GWAA in the ‘Free Trial’ form are as follows:


    1. Your ‘Instagram Username’.


    2. Your ‘Email’.


    After filling the aforementioned details, you are supposed to click on ‘Get Followers’.
    That’s it! You’re another step closer to getting your Free trial Instagram Followers delivered right away!

  • Step 3 -> Taking the GWAA exclusive Verification or Survey

    After completing Step -> 2, you are now redirected to another page. This is the final step for attaining your free 100 followers of Instagram- and it’s just as easy as the other steps. It should take you no longer than a span of 2- 3 minutes. In this step, you are mainly supposed to complete a simple human verification or take a survey.


    This verification is carried out in order to reassure that there is no problem faced during delivering free likes or followers to your account.


    1. For the verification round, you are allowed to choose from a list of fun and simple options of trivia, survey or quizzes. Some of these include a hidden word game, APEX quizzes, an easy cricket trivia and simple step games that are not only fun to play but test your IQ. What else could you expect?


    2. Also, in most of these verification tests, you also get to know interesting facts with each question you take or round you play. Knowledge is gold. Followers are free.


    After completing the verification, you’re all set to go and hit the button. You’re to receive your free followers delivered right to your Instagram account in a jiffy. Easy?

Hurry up!


Frequently Asked Questions

Are the 100 followers really free?

Yes, the followers are absolutely free. You will be able to finish the survey or finish three social actions like Google+ us, like our Facebook within 30-60 seconds. We also provide free Instagram likes, followers in return.

It is possible to get additional likes and followers?

Yes, the network presented by us allows the user to return back and get more likes and followers within next 24 hours. Buying more followers as well as like, through a valid subscription option is beneficial and good.

Free instagram followers and likes Trial

Does GWAA require access to my password while I am requesting my free followers?

No, we don’t require you to enter your password anywhere in the process of getting your followers. Throughout the user verification process, all the information we need include only your username and email address. Therefore, through our well encrypted and safe platform, both your password as well as Instagram account are safe.

Will my Instagram account face a chance of being banned or deleted if I order free followers from GWAA?

Not at all! Once you have applied for receiving free followers with us on your Instagram profile, you receive absolutely real looking followers. Therefore, there is nothing fishy to put your account at risk. With our services, you are one hundred percent in safe hands. For so long, there has been not even a single report by our customers about any of their accounts getting deleted or banned.

Will I be able to receive the GWAA ‘Free Followers’ services even if my account is set to ‘Private’?

In order to receive your free followers, you need to have your account privacy to be set on ‘Public’ mode. Genuine followers can’t like or posts or directly follow your profile if your profile is ‘Private’. Therefore, you have to keep your profile ‘Public’ at least for the time being when you are using our services.

How soon do I expect my first free 100 followers offered by GWAA to turn up?

As soon as you are done with completing all the steps, including filling in the necessary information and completing the verification or surveys, the process of delivering the followers is initiated. After this, it takes us only a few minutes to verify your profile in order to make sure that it is real and yours alone- once this is done, you will receive your free followers almost immediately!

Is there any guarantee that the followers that GWAA offers me won’t unfollow me in the future?

Generally, the real followers that we offer you are very permanent. However, there may be extremely rare instances of real people un-following over some period of time. The rate of this happening is very small though.

Can I change my Instagram username or handle while receiving the free followers from GWAA?

Since the username is kind of the unique blueprint that enables our real followers to follow you, changing it midway through our process will obstruct it. As a result of this, we won’t be able to deliver you your followers or likes. Therefore, you should not change your Instagram handle while you are taking our services. However, you are at full liberty to change it once your likes or followers have been delivered!